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Offshore IT Outsourcing
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) is an outsourcing company & consultant based in Kathmandu, Nepal to provide you the world class Web, Software and IT solutions from our office based in Kathmandu valley, the capital of Nepal.  We follow very honest and clear business practices in providing you the offshore outsourcing services. We maintain highest level of confidentiality about your projects and deliver the work by schedule.

Offshore IT Outsourcing
Outsourcing a software or a web project to Nepal is not a new phenomena. Nepalese companies have long been offering IT outsourcing services to companies from around the globe. It is a part of the IT trend across the globe triggered by a need to remain competitive through all possible means of cost reduction without compromising on quality of service. Even the fortune 500 companies in the world outsource their IT services to offshore countries like Nepal where there are abundant number of talented and well educated English speaking programmers, software developers and IT experts. On an average, companies report 40% to 60% increase in net savings with the help of offshore outsourcing.
Key Benefits of Offshore IT Outsourcing:
Cost Efficiency:
Labor cost savings may reach up to 70% for routine low-level tasks as compared with in-house development in North America and Western Europe.
Significant reduction of development time and, thus, speed-to-market becomes invaluable advantage in a present-day competitive environment.
Availability of trained IT staff:
Immediate access to a large pool of best industry talents allows overcoming hiring gap for IT professionals in the developed countries.
Flexible manpower utilization:  By using outsourcing model company cuts down its housing, recruiting and training expenses.
Development risk minimization:  
Proven development process and quality management system
No up-front investments :
No up-front investments on the customer's part.