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IT Product Development

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IT Product Development

At Nepal Software Developer (NSD) we develop software and web based application in PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, Oracle, SQL, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and Python. The tools we employ among others are Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle Sql Developer, Borland C++ Builder, Rational Rose, and Auto IT. We would like to discuss development of IT and software product in partnership with reliable individual, consultant and IT company from any part of the world.

IT Products Nepal Software Developer (NSD) Develops

Nepal Software Developer (NSD) develops a range of IT products and services:

Software Products
Desktop Applications
Web Based Products
Network and Intranet Based Products
Banking and Financial Products
Who Can work with Nepal Software Developer (NSD)

Nepal Software Developer is looking for a longterm and reliable business relationship with all those willing to enter into a partnership in development and selling of a viable, marketable and profitable IT product world wide. We would be willing to enter into a partnership with individuals, consultants, IT companies, new companies, and other marketing agencies with strong marketing and communication channel in their respective countries.

We would welcome such interested parties from US, UK, Canada, India, China, and other European countries. However we are positive for partnership offers from all countries.
Basis of Partnership with Nepal Software Developer (NSD)

Nepal Software Developer (NSD) can consider partnership with interested parties on cost and revenue sharing basis. We will develop a software product in less than half of the actual cost of the product you would have them developed in US, UK, Canada, and any other European country. We will use our full expertise in developing the software IT product and deliver the product after rigorous testing so that our partner could sell the product under their own/our brand name.

For further discussions please feel free to email: Email: info@nepalsoftwaredeveloper.com There are following simple crieteria for partnership with Nepal Software Developer (NSD): – Should have a strong consumer base so that they can market the product effectively. – The product concept must be a saleable one