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Website Designing
Website designing is an art which requires a natural and artistic talent in a designer to become a perfect web designer. It is not about creating a few pages of a website or creating layouts similar to other existing ones. Nepal Software Developer (NSD) has designers who are naturally and artistically talented in the art of website designing and have experience of over 4 years in custom website designing field. Designers at Nepal Software Developer (NSD) based in Kathmandu, Nepal create custom web designs for you which are compatible with all the browsers in the world. 

Nepal Software Developer (NSD) package include search engine friendly design, custom web design, W3C validation among others.
Website Designing Service
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) provides website designing and development service to all kinds of industries and from all parts of the world. Companies operating in different industries have different web design requirements based on their own priorities, target market and product & services they offer and most importantly the purpose for which they would like to have a website designed. We design website based on  your business needs, objectives, products or services your company offers, your target market and budget you have allocated for website designing and development. While designing, we focus on the purpose for which you want to design a website for.

Website designers at Nepal Software Developer (NSD) will create a design fitting to your business requirements in affodable cost.

Outsourcing Website Designing Service
You are operating your company in US, Canada, UK, China, India and any other part of the world and need a reliable and cost effective solution for website designing and development services your company can outsource your website designing and development part to Nepal Software Developer (NSD) based in the Nepalese Capital City of Kathmandu.

Lying between two large countries India and China with sufficient number of skilled English speaking Nepalese and Indian IT professionals both from Nepal and India, the Republic of Nepal is becoming a major offshore Outsourcing center for software development, website designing, and other IT services in South Asia. The IT industry is growing in Nepal and is becoming the first choice of Nepalese educated English speaking engineers. 

Website Designing
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) designs websites of all sorts: be it a simple static website or a complex and sophisticated dynamic web portal. We design Travel and Tour Website, Online Shopping & E-Commerce portals, Job Portal, Entertainment Portal, Stock Trading Website, Commodity Trading Website, Auction Website, Manufacturing company website, online catalogue, corporate website, Bank and Financial website, Government Website, Non Profit Organization website (we offer special discounts to Non Profit Organizations), large scale company website, medium scale company website, hotel and tourism website, Trading house website, Automobile and Auto Industry website, Oil and Gas supply website, Aviation and Transport website among others.

CSS Website Designing
CSS is relatively a newer  designing tool  which can  develop search engine friendly designs. The designs created in CSS look different than ordinary sites and have many benefits as compared to other normal designs. The websites designed in CSS load faster than other websites and usually rank higher in search engines like google, yahoo and bing. If you are running a business which depends mostly on online customers, you must get your website designed in CSS.

W3C Validation and Web 2.0
 Nepal Software Developer (NSD) validates your website for any error with W3C.
 We develop websites of Web 2.0 standard which are easy to nevigate and compatible with all browsers.
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